About Kensington Computers™

Kensington Computers™ was founded in 1977 by the partners of Accountants, Spence & Co, Gavin and Françoise Spence.

In 1977 the first personal computers to the mass market were introduced by Radio Shack, Apple and Commodore and the advent of Visicalc by Dan Briklin enabled Spence & Co to easily produce financial forecasting and accounting to their clients.

The introduction of an accounting suite by HB Computers Kettering on the Commodore Business Computer (PET ),and an Incomplete Records system ( replacing Simplex books ) from Microcomputation Ltd, then enabled Spence & Co to provide an accountancy bureau system and automated final accounts.

As Victor Kalm said of Remington "We liked it so much that we bought the product ". The product they bought became Pegasus Junior Software, with Pegasus Senior being subsequently developed for networks.

Various flavours of accounting software were subsequently published by Pegasus, Teamwork ( rebadged Pegasus Senior ),  for IBM with  IX (Nine) - Xenix Senior accounting package for the IBM AIX Unix system.

Pegasus Mpower was released for Microsoft's SQL server.

Subsequently we invested time, money and effort into Sequel System Ltd ( formed by Ex Pegasus Director's, Johnnie Johnson and Chris leak ) to develop a "sequel" from Pegasus Senior.

This was written in Foxpro a data-centric object-oriented procedural programming language  and based on the "xBase" languages, which has syntax based on the dBase programming language

The product was release as "Sequel" and enjoyed immense success in the market place being offered as an "open system for user development ".

That product was eventually acquired by Pegasus Software Ltd to become Opera, and then using Visual Foxpro, developed further as Opera II and now Opera 3.  

Since 1977 we have installed over 1200 accounting systems in the UK and overseas.

The rest is history.